Scotland’s Diversity and Inclusion Awards 2016


At Scotland’s inaugural national Diversity Awards 2016 *, we recognised those companies, organisations and individuals who are working to make a real difference to their communities, their businesses and to the Scottish economy. We also showcased what can be achieved when as a society we put diversity and inclusion at the heart of our actions and work based activities. The Awards clearly demonstrated that it can transform lives, communities and workplaces.

The high standard of entrants and the level of activity underway across Scotland in support of greater diversity, hugely impressed not only the judging panel but also the three hundred plus individuals and organisations attending on the evening. Choosing the winners was a difficult task and recognition needs to be given to not only those receiving the accolades on the evening, but to all the individuals and organisations who are committed to making our society, our communities, our workplaces and boardrooms across the nation better and fairer places.

We also hope that through the Awards, many more companies and organisations will be encouraged to support greater equality and diversity in their workplaces and to recognise the economic, employee and community benefits that it can achieve. Evidence clearly demonstrates that improving equality and diversity in an organisation can not only lead to improved financial performance, but also enhanced people retention and talent recruitment, greater employee engagement, increased customer satisfaction and improved productivity.

At GenAnalytics, we have a bold vision and we see the Diversity Awards as a key reference point for helping drive business change and in supporting the economic transformation of Scotland’s workplaces.

We all know that so much more can be done to promote greater equality and diversity across Scotland PLC. The national Diversity Awards provides a platform to share and celebrate achievement, but also more importantly to learn from each other and to improve what we do. By understanding where we are, good and bad, we can work together to create a shared economic vision and a common purpose in what greater equality and diversity can deliver for Scotland.

Building on the Diversity Awards, we intend to work together with our partners across business and civic Scotland to transform this energy and passion into knowledge and action that we can share at our “International Diversity and Inclusion” Conference to be held in Glasgow on March 2017. We do hope that you will join with us to contribute your knowledge and expertise on how we can make equality everyone’s business in Scotland.

Dr Lesley Sawers, Executive Chair, GenAnalytics Ltd


* Scotland’s Diversity Awards 2016 took place on 13 October 2016 #scotdiversity16

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